New Participants

In order to help determine if Plena can provide the right treatment for your child, please call to speak directly  with a Plena representative. During this phone conversation, you will be asked to provide some brief information about current concerns regarding your child, your child’s behaviors, past and current mental health treatment, medical diagnoses your child may have, and other general information. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about Plena and our treatment approach.

Clinical Assessment

Prior to beginning the program, you and your child will participate in an assessment appointment with one of Plena’s licensed clinicians. In order to better understand your child and family, you will be asked to complete behavioral questionnaires in addition to assessment paperwork. During this appointment, your clinician will meet with you and your child, both together and separately. After assessing the needs of you and your child, the licensed clinician will provide you with treatment recommendations. You and your child will then collaborate to determine next steps.

Admission to the program and start date will be determined after the initial assessment.

Psychiatric Assessment

After starting the program, you and your child will meet with our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. During this time, our physician will gather information from you and your child, including current medical diagnoses or symptoms, developmental history, information regarding past medical and psychiatric hospitalizations, and medications your child has been prescribed. Our psychiatrist will also explore your current concerns.  Plena’s psychiatrist will continuously collaborate with you, your child, and the clinical team to make recommendations that may improve your child’s capacity to make therapeutic progress. Our child psychiatrist is on-site daily.